The Sustainable Development Goals

An ongoing and collective change

Climate change, poverty, inequality, loss of biodiversity, food security: All are just part of the many challenges our society has to face today. These challenges are all interconnected, all taking form in every country, and all impacting each and everyone of us.

It is not a time of despair. This is a beautiful time for us as solutions are carried by people all over the world.

Everywhere, change has already started and we are all part of it. From the citizens who carry positive initiatives for a more sustainable world to the top organisations such as the United Nations who designed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to bring people together to make a positive change for future generations.

17 Goals for a positive Change

In a global world with global issues, we need more than ever a collective action to build a sustainable society. One that will respect the planet and its living beings. One that will ensure positive interaction at all levels.

We all want to contribute. But it may be sometimes difficult to know how to take action or how to coordinate with others. That is the idea behind the SDGs: Build a global partnership for achieving 17 goals that cover the main sustainable development challenges of our time. Launched in 2016, the 193 member countries of that agreement accepted the ambitious challenge of achieving the goals by 2030.

With these new Goals that universally apply to all, countries will mobilize efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind.

Hayama Global

A hub for the Sustainable Development Goals

Hayama Global is a Specified Non Profit organisation designed to be an embodiment of the seventeenth Goal: Building, implementing and strengthening connections between all SDGs, the citizens of Hayama and revitalizing global partnerships.

Indeed, countries have committed themselves to achieving these goals by 2030, but the actual work will be done by all members of society starting with all individuals.

Grasping sustainability, practicing its principles in our everyday life and work while sharing these initiatives with people around us is one way to proceed. Everyone can become a part of this positive change.

Hayama Global aims to be a catalyst for those initiatives by

  • contributing to an awakening of Sustainable Development
  • acting as a hub to connect contributors and give insight on local and worldwide initiatives
  • supporting local initiatives with knowledge, action, networking and other resources.

President’s word

Like most of the people in Hayama, I didn’t know about the Sustainable Development Goals. Yet like most of us, I felt that there was a need for a global change for our Society.

We do not need to know about the SDGs to understand that this is today that we are all designing our own future and the one of our children. This initiative from the United Nations gives us a unique opportunity to act all together for a positive future. This is the link between our everyday life, our local initiatives and the global movement for a sustainable Human society.

I have been living in Hayama for more than ten years now. I have learnt to love that place and see its great potential to be part of this change. Here, I have seen so many people acting everyday to make things better.

The seventeenth goal promote the idea of partnerships to achieve all the other goals. This is the purpose of Hayama Global NPO: to be the connector between all the citizens in Hayama who already contribute or wish to contribute, build a local community to serve those goals and open it to the global movement. This way, Hayama will benefit from all the tremendous actions conducted everywhere around the world and will contribute in return as a sustainability model for coastal living area.

Let’s all be part of this in our own way !

Yooki Lee, Founder of Hayama Global

Hayama Global’s Events

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Founded: 2017/09/26
President: Ms. Yooki Lee

TEL: 046-884-8169